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HostJaer Review: Web Hosting in Kenya Services


HostJaer Review: Web Hosting in Kenya Services There are several opportunities available within the digital space that HostJaer’s clients can benefit. It is a mixture of business and personal opportunities that one can benefit from. Since technology has footprints in almost all sectors of the economy, these opportunities can touch many people at once, creating employment and other income-generating opportunities. Below are some of these opportunities HostJaer clients can explore and how they impact the Kenyan economy. Digital Marketing Marketing activities have moved online to utilise cyberspace. A crush program training in digital marketing starts with domain registration and web hosting management. If you own a website, you must understand how digital marketing works. Websites are digital front offices, complete with all the answers to questions a client might have. To get the right customer, you must understand digital marketing. Some of the concepts one learns from digital marketing include: Cyber Security  Understanding website hosting requires basic or advanced knowledge in cyber security. Since the website’s building blocks are in hosting, the technical lead must know what cyber security is, how to mitigate it and plan ahead. HostJaer has considerable content on security, advising its clients on ways to remain vigilant online. Luckily, HostJaer’s infrastructure is safe and secure from external attacks. To get more from online platform management, HostJaer points out several courses that will enable its customers to understand their business. Cyber security, business information technology, and FinTech rank high among skills one needs to navigate the highly technical environment.  The following are some of the knowledge-based assistance that cyber security impacts on website owners: Financial Technology Every process in business management is automated, especially in resource collection and allocation. There is a concerted effort to reduce human interactions with money to reduce pilferage. Therefore, websites with a monetary function should have proper structures to maintain legitimacy. Whereas the process involves money and finances, the whole concert and engineering is information technology.  COVID-19 taught the importance of digital money and product fulfilment, prompting most service providers to adopt the push notification payments. Since HostJaer is a player in online business management, they have enough information and tactics on how to grow such businesses. Besides FMCG, other organisations that handle money also need a strategy for money handling, which boils down to how well you manage your business online.  These are some of the critical information a business like HostJaer encounters daily, which can grow its user experience.  Coding and Programming The basis of web development is coding, which is a series of functions that create an online process. As the final destination where all the codes will end up, website hosting creates a haven of opportunities before and after that gives computer scientists and engineers a precursor to innovate. As the commercial world becomes innovative, computer programmers develop simpler ways of doing things to make human life easier.  The highlight of all these came when e-commerce became the centre of technological innovation. Coincidentally, most of the world’s most valuable people made their wealth in e-commerce, which shows that there is potential in tech. All these come to light thanks to the infrastructure provided by HostJaer. With progressive properties, a higher bandwidth and good storage technology, HostJaer can create innovators within the business field. Business Development Business development brings together long-term planning, sales, marketing and operations management. You must understand the business through its products, deliverables and consumer behaviours. As technology takes over basic operations, it touches the company’s nerve, hence the influence of tech on centralised operations. Some of the basic functions of a business taken over by technology include All these features harness the importance of centralised operations. It also makes decision-making easier since all the platforms mentioned above have analytics pages. All these activities start with an online platform and storage, which HostJaer provides.  If you want your business to grow, embrace technology, starting with a domain name and web hosting services from HostJaer.

The Digital Shift: Why Most Businesses Prefer ATL to BTL

Digital Marketing

The Digital Shift: Why Most Businesses Prefer ATL to BTL If you are a marketer or sell products and services, you have heard the terms “Above the Line” and “Below the Line.” ATL and BTL were introduced in the 1950s to separate direct marketing approaches and wider advertising campaigns. While ATL and BTL are still common today, the line is smudged by digital marketing. Most digital marketing strategies take what they need from both sides, which works great. So, should your strategy go with ATL or BTL? What Is Above-the-Line Marketing? If you are interested in growing your brand and promoting awareness of your business, consider using ATL marketing strategies. Above-the-line advertising is an amalgamation of marketing methods and campaigns launched without a target audience. Your objectives are to promote your business to a mass audience, improve brand recognition and reach new clients. The message delivered in the marketing campaign revolves around the company’s mission, competitive differentials and a highlight of product lines. Most ATL is usually offline marketing tactics like TV adverts, billboards, radio commercials and magazines. ATL Marketing in the Digital Space In the age of digitisation, a brand needs to make its presence felt online. Some ATL techniques in digital marketing include search engine optimisation, which improves the visibility of your website on search engine results pages. If your business isn’t leveraging search engine traffic, seek SEO services in Kenya to increase brand awareness. Social media optimisation also improves your audience outreach on social media pages. Targeted social media optimisation leverages your ATL campaign by growing your customer base and prospects through followers to get more digital traction. Benefits and Drawbacks of ATL Marketing ATL marketing techniques are wonderful instruments for promoting your brand recognition and introducing a new company to the market. ATL is great for growing your target audience or introducing a new product line if you are an established business. An ATL campaign covers a wide spectrum of audiences since the campaign’s focus is not to facilitate an immediate conversion. Repeat campaigns usually reinstate the brand’s image; even if the customer doesn’t buy from you, your brand will linger in their minds. Despite its benefits, ATL has a few drawbacks compared to digital marketing. For instance, mass offline promotions are more expensive compared to online campaigns. Using above-the-line marketing doesn’t have a specific target audience and isn’t a measurable investment. You cannot calculate the return on investment from TV viewership or print publications. Hence, creating a marketing budget or a long-term strategy is challenging. What Is Below-the-Line Marketing? In BTL advertising, you implement targeted promotions for a particular audience. The aim is to grow your relationship with your customers through direct marketing. When you build an emotional connection with prospective customers, you improve a buyer’s perception and guide them through the decision-making process to purchase your product. Some of the tactics of below-the-line marketing include direct email marketing and industry trade shows. The strategies rely on heavy research and managing the content of the adverts to ensure it resonates with various customers. Benefits and drawbacks of BTL marketing Unlike ATL, where you cannot create a TV or newspaper advert for different readers, BTL provides a personalised marketing approach. You can customise your marketing processes for every customer through email marketing, exhibitions, and trade fairs. The personalised approach allows you to build healthy relationships with your customers. With most BTL techniques, you obtain immediate feedback from the customer. Since below-the-line marketing focuses on making conversions, it provides you with a favourable return on investment. BTL also has limitations starting with the tedious research for proper targeting. You may need specialised resources for your research. The reach is limited since you can personalise adverts to a small audience. BTL is not the best alternative if you want more people to know about your brand. The success of BTL is short-lived, and there is a low recall value. With immense competition in the market, several brands offer short-term incentives to boost sales, and customers will only engage brands for the incentives.   Which Marketing Strategy is Good for your Business? While ATL has numerous benefits in the digital age, it is unwise to focus on one approach only. Combining BTL and ATL helps you reach a vast audience while improving your bond with your customer. For instance, ATL can increase brand awareness and attract customers to your site, and you can use BTL to increase conversion rates.

Comprehensive Guide: Digital Marketing in Kenya

Digital Marketing

Comprehensive Guide: Digital Marketing In Kenya The dynamics of starting a small business in Kenya are different from other parts of the world. The reason is that it is still a developing country with an unstable economy. A significant number of Kenyans are going online to seek solutions that present a good space for digital marketing. What Is Digital Marketing Digital marketing is a process or set of marketing services or products via a digital medium or technology. The most prominent technology for digital marketing is the internet. Digital marketing comprises other technologies such as mobile phones and digital displays. Statistics Behind the Concepts of Users Online Has it ever occurred to you that Kenya is the first country in Africa with the most significant number of smartphone penetration? The rise of smartphones has positively transformed digital marketing in Kenya and worldwide. A young population is more adaptive and receptive to new technology than the older generation, which is reluctant to change. The Kenyan population is relatively younger, and the census shows that 75% of the population is less than 30 years of age. This large population of young people explains why the new technology is shaping up and contributing more to the country’s GDP, which is now at 5.7%. A significant number of consumers access information via smartphones and other smart devices. 83% of Kenyans have unlimited access to the internet through their mobile phones. This statistic is the highest in the African continent and very impressive globally. Smartphone penetration in Kenya is at 91% compared to 80% for the rest of Africa. As per Google data, there are 13 million active Google users in Kenya. Social media has essentially contributed to the rising number of internet consumers, as it is estimated that there are over 8.3 million Kenyan users on different social media platforms. Also, it is estimated that these users spend more than 3 hours daily on diverse social media platforms such Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. WhatsApp is the top famous social media platform in Kenya, followed by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are 8 million active users on YouTube, 7.1 million on Facebook, 4 million on Instagram and one million on Twitter. Smartphones are gradually becoming a necessity, and their users’ numbers are expected to skyrocket in Kenya. The digital space in Kenya offers every business owner to reach out to their potential clients directly. Phones offer direct access and are drivers of digital marketing in Kenya and globally. The future of marketing in Kenya is inarguably digital. Smartphones have revolutionised how users interact with businesses, and in this era of immediacy, they expect to search, buy, browse and engage whenever and wherever they are. Today’s consumers are on the move, and getting to them in their preferred abodes where they spend the most time vastly improves your chance of making an impact. Techniques Used in Digital Marketing There are several essential techniques of digital marketing in Kenya that you can use to market your products and services. Since we have figures to support the concept, let’s delve into some techniques. Below is a list of digital marketing strategies that you can utilise in your business. This writing will focus on inbound marketing techniques that have produced significant results, especially in local markets. Below is a list of 12 digital marketing strategies used worldwide by different brands: Six Famous Digital Marketing Strategies in Kenya Let’s find out some of Kenya’s most popular digital marketing techniques. 1. Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is utilising social media platforms as a medium to market your products and services. This technique is specifically effective in Kenya, considering the popularity of some social media platforms such as YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook. Social media marketing is also popularly known as SMM. Any marketing effort you make to drive sales, increase awareness and drive website traffic on social media forums such as Twitter and Facebook are known as social media marketing. The success of SMM in Kenya depends on the creativity and strategies adopted by your social media manager. Varied social media platforms work for different services and products. SMM has become successful in Kenya because of business start-ups and individuals selling products online. The start-up which does not have a website or any other online presence prefers to start with a social media forum, which has worked for many beginners.   There has been uproar of Facebook groups that various upcoming entrepreneurs have been using to sell their products and services. These groups, such as Soko Kuu and Soko Huru, have given users a free platform to connect and interact with their customers by posting promotional materials.  Other groups are created for particular neighbourhoods creating a better conversion community. In a group like Great wall Gardens Residents, users can market products to residents of Great wall Gardens. The same applies to all other neighbourhood groups across the country. Social media marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool in Kenya, and it takes little effort to get you started. 2. Search Engine Optimisation Search engine optimisation is popularly known as SEO. It is defined as the process of using various techniques to obtain traffic to your website using search engines organically. Google is the most well-known search engine in Kenya, enjoying more than 96% market share. Other search engines used in Kenya include Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuck go. SEO experts have various ways that they can use to improve a ranking of a website. It all begins with identifying keywords with good monthly traffic and laying out an SEO strategy to ensure that your website ranks number one on Google for that specific keyword. With a website ranking, you are assured of a good Percentage of average monthly traffic to your website. The magnificence of search engine optimisation is that the traffic obtained is relevant and highly targeted.  Search engine optimisation guarantees a website owner good leads and high conversion rates. However, SEO is a long term strategy, and there is