Digital Marketing Services in Kenya

digital marketing in Kenya

Streamline YourChannel Distribution in Kenya

Ensure proper product coverage with our FMCG network in Kenya

digital marketing in Kenya
Grow Your Business

Use our large network to launch your product into the market, harnessing our experience and understanding of the Kenyan Market

digital marketing in Kenya
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Businesses Served

Market Categorisation

Understanding consumption patterns, feasibility and managing the RTM experience

Pipeline Management

Linkages and relationship between client, customer and partner

Agent Recruitment & Training

Distributor onboarding, product knowledge training and consumer engagement

digital marketing in Kenya
BeyondRanks Marketing

Experts in Channel Distribution in kenya

Our market knowledge, analytics and consumption behaviours makes us one of the most sought after Channel Distribution Agencies in Kenya. Our approach relies on the following parameters.

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digital marketing in Kenya
digital marketing in Kenya
digital marketing in Kenya
digital marketing in Kenya
digital marketing in Kenya
Channel Distribution in kenya

Why Is it so Important?

The advent of technology and service improvement requires proper distribution channels to get the product into the market. We step in to make the process seamless, faster and with guaranteed results. Our networks around the major towns act as point of call, easing the market penetration process. Our approach makes product penetration simpler using the following analogies:

the Channel Distribution journey

what we guarantee

We have all a partner needs to get into the market and grow organically, thanks to our continued investment in people and processes. Our structure brings together established distribution channels spread across the country. If you buy into our processes, this is what your stand to benefit:

digital marketing in Kenya
Why Choose Us

Our RTM Strategies

BeyondRanks Marketing Solutions employs a simple model that brings together distribution agents based on trade, and shares a communication channel. The idea is dissemination product information faster and efficiently.

Success Partnerships
Market Penetration

Harnessing the power of technology and distribution channelling

Who We Are

Our Structure

At BeyondRanks Marketing Solutions, we prioritise professionalism and client relationships to build our systems. To ensure progress and continuity, we have a standard business approach that aims are solidifying our relationships. We guarantee our partner the following:

Market Map Out
Product Knowledge
Feedback, Reviews and Adjustments

Take your Channel Distribution to the next level with BeyondRanks

We get your products to the market faster, seamless and cost-effectively. Our digital marketing strategy also makes the whole experience convenient as we continue to grow our network.

Channel Distribution in Kenya

Distribution is a labour-intense division in any business as it determines the visibility and consumption of goods and services. Depending on your market categorisation, BeyondRanks Marketing Solutions can help you reach the market faster and efficiently. We help manage the experience, significantly improving market conversion and product visibility.



Channel Distribution in Kenya FAQs

Distributors – they get the product from the manufacturers.

Wholesalers – they get the product from the distributors,

Retailers – they get the product from the wholesalers.

Internet – distributors or manufacturers can decide to get the product to the consumer directly through the internet.

Producers – create the product or service


Agents/Brokers – they get the product from the producers and prepare them for distribution


Retailers –acts as the last mile in the process.

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