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digital marketing in Kenya

General Procurement and Supplies in Kenya

Get the best product or service from the market; price, quality, quantity and professionalism.

digital marketing in Kenya
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We have the best procurement and logistics system that gets what you need, at the right price.

digital marketing in Kenya
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Businesses Served

Price and Demand Estimates

Getting the right and fair price in the market


Assuring the correct technical and operational specification


Right system and processes to manage delivery

digital marketing in Kenya
BeyondRanks Marketing

Experts in General Procurement and Supplies in kenya

We have the most progressive supply chain processes that manage end-to-end procurement activities. Our production and distribution networks afford us the institutional advantage when providing general procurement and supplies services. Our processes involves the following:

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digital marketing in Kenya
digital marketing in Kenya
digital marketing in Kenya
digital marketing in Kenya
digital marketing in Kenya
General Procurement and Supplies in kenya

Why Is it so Important?

Getting the right people assures you of professional and orderly excellence, especially in technical operations. You have a lot to achieve if you entrust your goods and services to professionals who can map-out all the processes involved and fulfil it. Most importantly, you can handle multiple procurement engagements with a stroke of the pen.

the General Procurement and Supplies journey

here's what you need

Most general procurement and supplies services and technical, which requires experienced and certain specification. In order to get the task right, the client should consider the following. However, this does not limit the extent of service provision, but enables us get the right product or service.

digital marketing in Kenya
Why Choose Us

Working Concept

We employ market best practices in sourcing and handling goods and services. Our working mantra is getting it, preparing it, and delivering it seamlessly, timely and professionally.

End-to-end Delivery
Controlled Experience

Getting it, Preparing it, and Delivering it Seamlessly, Timely and Professionally

Who We Are

Our Proposition

BeyondRanks Marketing Solutions incorporates business development experiences in sourcing, value-adding and transporting goods and services. Our processes comprises of the following elements:

Research and Development
Technical Analysis
Reporting and Project Closure

Take your General Procurement and Supplies to the next level with BeyondRanks

We are not your mere procurement firm, but a problem solver. With your specifications, we can deliver tailor made goods at a competitive price.

General Procurement and Supplies in Kenya

Procurement and supplies is a crucial department in any company as it links raw materials to production and finished products to the market. Micro, Small and Mid-Size companies might not afford a procurement and supplies department, and that is where BeyondRanks Marketing Solutions come in. The growth of the economy requires trusted service providers who align business processes to mirror efficiency and cost-effectiveness.



General Procurement and Supplies in Kenya FAQs

  • Product – specification, quantity and quality
  • Delivery location – where you need the product delivered.
  • Time – when and how you need the product delivered.
  • Price – what to charge for the service rendered.
  • Identifying the goods
  • Sift from the list of suppliers
  • Agree on contractual terms and conditions
  • Come up with the purchase order
  • Supply the product
  • Submit invoice
  • Receive/Issue payments
  • Process audit
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