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digital marketing in Kenya

HostJaer Review: Web Hosting in Kenya Services

There are several opportunities available within the digital space that HostJaer’s clients can benefit. It is a mixture of business and personal opportunities that one can benefit from. Since technology has footprints in almost all sectors of the economy, these opportunities can touch many people at once, creating employment and other income-generating opportunities. Below are some of these opportunities HostJaer clients can explore and how they impact the Kenyan economy.

Digital Marketing

Marketing activities have moved online to utilise cyberspace. A crush program training in digital marketing starts with domain registration and web hosting management. If you own a website, you must understand how digital marketing works. Websites are digital front offices, complete with all the answers to questions a client might have. To get the right customer, you must understand digital marketing.

Some of the concepts one learns from digital marketing include:

  • Search engine optimisation and marketing – this is adapting the website’s content to match the demands of search engines such as Google Chrome, Bing or Firefox. Such activities make the website rank, improving its discoverability online. It also teaches how to use analytics to improve the website’s performance.
  • Keyword research – it shows what consumers are searching online, the frequency and how to use this information to inform marketing decisions. The practice brings together various platforms that collect this information, classify it and project it for use by marketing professionals. 
  • Content development – there is a context and format for writing content for a website. You must place keywords strategically throughout the content, and the grammar quality should measure up to the required standard. HostJaer has a team of writers well-versed in professional content development.

Cyber Security 

Understanding website hosting requires basic or advanced knowledge in cyber security. Since the website’s building blocks are in hosting, the technical lead must know what cyber security is, how to mitigate it and plan ahead. HostJaer has considerable content on security, advising its clients on ways to remain vigilant online. Luckily, HostJaer’s infrastructure is safe and secure from external attacks.

To get more from online platform management, HostJaer points out several courses that will enable its customers to understand their business. Cyber security, business information technology, and FinTech rank high among skills one needs to navigate the highly technical environment. 

The following are some of the knowledge-based assistance that cyber security impacts on website owners:

  • Piracy – copyright is a big issue in maintaining originality in the arts. Cyber security teaches people how to maintain content originality and censor unwanted access.
  • Virus and malware management – a computer virus can come in many forms and endangers every website or mobile application owner. They can be as simple as a Microsoft Excel sheet or a Word document, which can encrypt the whole computer for a ransom. The training helps you deter and manage any virus invasion into your system.
  • Platform protection – a password is the basic access code that allows anyone to access a website or a platform. Human brains are configured to adopt a certain pattern when developing passwords for their platforms. Cyber security advises web users to devise other ways to create passwords, including using a browser-based password generator and a 2-step verification. 

Financial Technology

Every process in business management is automated, especially in resource collection and allocation. There is a concerted effort to reduce human interactions with money to reduce pilferage. Therefore, websites with a monetary function should have proper structures to maintain legitimacy. Whereas the process involves money and finances, the whole concert and engineering is information technology. 

COVID-19 taught the importance of digital money and product fulfilment, prompting most service providers to adopt the push notification payments. Since HostJaer is a player in online business management, they have enough information and tactics on how to grow such businesses. Besides FMCG, other organisations that handle money also need a strategy for money handling, which boils down to how well you manage your business online. 

These are some of the critical information a business like HostJaer encounters daily, which can grow its user experience. 

Coding and Programming

The basis of web development is coding, which is a series of functions that create an online process. As the final destination where all the codes will end up, website hosting creates a haven of opportunities before and after that gives computer scientists and engineers a precursor to innovate. As the commercial world becomes innovative, computer programmers develop simpler ways of doing things to make human life easier. 

The highlight of all these came when e-commerce became the centre of technological innovation. Coincidentally, most of the world’s most valuable people made their wealth in e-commerce, which shows that there is potential in tech. All these come to light thanks to the infrastructure provided by HostJaer. With progressive properties, a higher bandwidth and good storage technology, HostJaer can create innovators within the business field.

Business Development

Business development brings together long-term planning, sales, marketing and operations management. You must understand the business through its products, deliverables and consumer behaviours. As technology takes over basic operations, it touches the company’s nerve, hence the influence of tech on centralised operations. Some of the basic functions of a business taken over by technology include

  1. Finance – M-PESA integration makes most businesses hands-off and cashless. 
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – a centralised database of customer data that influences consumption patterns. 
  3. Human Resource Management (HR) – a centralised system that measures attendance, productivity and welfare programs, which also informs reward and recognition mechanisms. 
  4. Digital marketing – managing mass information and official communication through verified social media platforms. 

All these features harness the importance of centralised operations. It also makes decision-making easier since all the platforms mentioned above have analytics pages. All these activities start with an online platform and storage, which HostJaer provides. 

If you want your business to grow, embrace technology, starting with a domain name and web hosting services from HostJaer.

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