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digital marketing in Kenya

Every business needs a strong online presence to reach their target customers, increase sales and grow their bottom line. As a business owner, you need to choose the best web hosting companies in Kenya that provide super-fast speeds, guaranteed server uptime and performance, and reliable customer support.

Web hosting companies in Kenya provide web space on their servers to customers that allow them to make websites accessible on the internet. The best web hosting companies also provide extra services such as domain registration, SSL and email services. This review helps you select the top web hosting provider in Kenya.

Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya Ranked

In this 2024 review, we have listed the top 10 web hosting companies in Kenya, providing the fastest and best hosting services to businesses at affordable prices.

1. HostJaer

HostJaer Stats:

  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Best for: Startups, small business websites and establishes businesses
  • Price: From as low as Ksh 3,500 per year
  • Unique Features: Unlimited emails, free SSL, *free domain name, free backups

HostJaer offers the best web hosting in Kenya, domain registration, email services and FREE SSL to thousands of customers in Kenya. This is the first company on our list because we use their hosting services and have tested all their features. We can comfortably vouch for HostJaer as a top hosting company in Kenya. Founded in 2021, HostJaer has been consistent in offering reliable web hosting services to startups and established businesses with the fastest speeds at pocket-friendly prices.

About 50% of HostJaer’s customers have migrated from other web hosting providers in Kenya. This is because they offer customized support and provide flexible web hosting plans that meet the needs of different customers with websites such as personal blogs, company websites, school websites, and e-commerce sites.

As one of the cheapest and most reliable web hosting companies in Kenya, HostJaer offers various services such as shared web hosting, domain registration, FREE SSL certificates, and backup.

The web hosting at HostJaer is affordable when you compare them with competitors. Their pricing is also transparent, and they have no hidden fees in their annual renewal prices.

HostJaer’s shared web hosting plans include the BronzeSilver and Gold. These plans offer free daily backups, FREE SSL certificates, addon domains, and proven security features that prevent DDoS attacks and malware.

Here are the costs of shared web hosting plans offered by HostJaer.

HostJaer Hosting PlansPrice
Bronze PlanKsh 3,500 / year
Silver Plan (Popular)Ksh 5,500 / year
Gold PlanKsh 7,500 / year

When your website’s traffic grows, you can rest assured that the bandwidth allocations will meet your needs. HostJaer also offers free website migration (cPanel), easy-to-use cPanel, and daily backup.

HostJaer’s key features that make it stand out as the best web hosting provider in Kenya include the following:

  • User-friendly dashboard (cPanel)
  • Super-fast web servers
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Cheap domains: From as low as Ksh 950/yr
  • 24/7 customer support: Customers can reach HostJaer support through live chat, email, phone calls, WhatsApp and through the ticketing system.
  • Convenient payment method:  MPESA
  • Automated ordering system: You can buy web hosting in a few minutes.

2. Orawebhost

This web host was established in 2010. Since then, they have been delivering budget-friendly and reliable domains and hosting in Kenya. Orawebhost has solidified its reputation for offering good services and reliable customer support. They offer:

  • Domain Registration: Starting at Ksh 1,000/yr.
  • Website Hosting: Starting at Ksh 2,000/yr.
  • SSL Certificates: Starting at Ksh 2,500/yr.

3.   HostAfrica

This company recently acquired EAC Directory in December 2023. Initially founded in 2005, EA EAC Directory offered competitive hosting plans. Existing EAC customers still use their old credentials on the new HOSTAFRICA website. They offer:

  • Domain Registration: Starting at KSh 999/yr.
  • Web Hosting: Starting at KSh 420/m.
  • WordPress Hosting: Starting at KSh560/m.

4.  Kenya Web Experts

This is a domain registration and web hosting company based in Nairobi that has been operating for over 5 years. They offer competitive prices for domain names in Kenya and services in Rwanda.

Their services include:
Domain registration, Cloud, Windows, Reseller, and VPS hosting. They also have dedicated servers.

5.  Safaricom

Safaricom is a telecommunications company in Kenya. They also offer website hosting and domain registration. They provide shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, and VPS plans. Although their hosting plans are relatively more expensive than other hosting companies, they offer good customer support and hosting services.

6. Webhost Kenya

Webhost Kenya is based in Nairobi and offers a range of products, such as web design, logo design, website hosting, domain registration services, and SSL certificates. Their website hosting packages range from Ksh 2415 per year to Ksh 6,670 per year.

7. DeepAfrica

DeepAfrica is among the pioneer web hosting companies in Kenya. They offer email hosting, web hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, website design, and SSL certificates. Their shared hosting packages range from Ksh 3,364 per year to Ksh 11,484 per year. Customer support is available through phone, live chat, and ticketing.

8.  CreativeK Cloud

CreativeK Cloud provides affordable web hosting services in Kenya. Their prices start as low as Ksh. 2900/m, and the services are very stable. They offer free SSL certificates, website backups, and one-click WordPress installation. Thier payment methods include Mpesa and direct bank transfer.

Service provided include:

  • Domain Registration: Starting at KSh 1,750/yr.
  • Web Hosting: Starting at KSh 2,900/yr.
  • VPS Hosting: Starting at KSh 3,300/pm.

9. ChajioCloud

ChajioCloud provides website hosting, domain registration, SSL, and web design services. Their focus is on providing scalable hosting services to meet various business and individual needs.

Service provided include:

Domain registration, reseller hosting, web hosting and VPS hosting.

10. WebHost Kings Kenya

WebHost Kings Kenya offers hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. They also provide domains and web design. They focus on delivering reliable hosting services to businesses and individuals.

Service provided include:
Domain registration, shared hosting, cPanel hosting, reseller Hosting, Emails and SSL Certificates.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing the Best Web Hosting Company in Kenya

Before you pick any top web hosting company in Kenya, here are the most important things to consider:

  • Your website needs
  • Customer support reliability
  • Server uptime guarantee
  • Speed and server performance
  • User-friendliness of the interface
  • Web space allocation
  • Bandwidth limits
  • Website backups provision
  • Security features including SSL, firewall and DDoS protection
  • Pricing model and hidden charges
  • Terms of Service
  • Additional features, such as emails

Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya FAQs

Which is the best web hosting company in Kenya?

HostJaer is a top web hosting company that can help your business to scale in the online space. Their hosting is reliable and provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee, unlimited emails, FREE SSL certificates, reliable and 24/7 customer support and pocket-friendly prices.

What are the top 5 best web hosting companies in Kenya?

The top 5 best web hosting companies in Kenya are HostJaer, Orawebhost, HostAfrica, Kenya Web Experts, and Safaricom.

How do I select the best web hosting company?

When choosing the best web hosting company in Kenya, consider these factors: your website needs, bandwidth, server reliability, customer support reliability and pricing.

Which company offers the fastest web hosting in Kenya?

HostJaer offers super-fast web hosting services in Kenya. They provide fast page loading times with the use of powerful Litespeed servers that use NVMe SSD drives, which are way better than the normal drives used by their competitors.

Which types of web hosting services are available in Kenya

Web hosting services vary depending on your needs. The 5 popular web hosting services in Kenya include: shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting.

How much is web hosting in Kenya?

The price of web hosting in Kenya starts from as low as Ksh 3,500/yr, depending on the hosting features you need. You can get this price at HostJaer. If you need hosting for a large website, it is advisable to consider higher packages or consult customer support to know which package best fits your website.

Why should I use a top web hosting company in Kenya?

The benefits of using top web hosting companies are: guaranteed uptime, good performance, web security, availability of backups and reliable customer support.

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